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Special processing

“The difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail.”

Hot Stamping, embossing, varnishing, glossy or matt lamination are just some of the special processing that CataPrint offers to its customers for their projects.The cover represents the business card with which we present ourselves to the public and it is the highest expression of what we want to transmit, of the story that we will develop in the printed matter, whose details are to be taken firstly.

Printing good products is by everyone, working meticulously to the details to get at the perfection is by CataPrint.The union of professionalism, experience and creativity allows us to print elegant and refined catalogues and magazines, which are designed to be unique in their kind. Starting from these qualities, our Masters in printing have found out a series of special processing that enrich and give value to every work, in order to make it more harmonious, balanced, attractive, beautiful. 

Hot stamping

Hot stamping allows us to replicate the beauty of gold, silver, of colours in general and fluorescent colours, in an application which will give a metallic effect to the detail that you want to highlight. The application of hot stamping can also be performed with the glittered colours and occurs by thermal  transferring of laminated strips, which allow the application of holograms and machined clichés.


Machine Varnish

The machine varnish, glossy or matt, is used to protect cover from scratches,opacity and it makes cover immediately brighter. It is a water-based varnish, poured on the cover. Furthermore, the union of the two processings that creates the hybrid or dripoff varnish. An other application is the the Soft Touch Varnish, which assures a sensation of smooth and reflection-free.

UV varnish

The UV varnish is a special type of varnish that releases a shiny coating on the cover by assuring his printing performance and protecting it from scratches. Even the UV varnish can be glossy or matt. Another type of processing is the Silk-screen UV varnish. If applied to particular elements of the cover, it is able to create light contrasts with a highlited brilliant effect.



The Lamination is a special processing which allows to protect covers of your catalogue from water, dirt and other external agents. Its peculiarity is that of being able to maintain content and quality of your printed matter unchanged over time. Available both as Glossy Lamination and Matt Lamination, it is actually an additional application on the cover of your magazine.

Pantone colors

Pantone colors: they are 100% pure colors in addition to the four basic ones. They are ideal for giving more brightness and lightness to the full cover or to a specific element. Discover the wide range of colors available.


The Embossing is used to add relief effects by printing images as if they protrude on the surface of the paper. Embossing is a processing which highlights some details of the cover or entire areas creating a 3D effect.


You can personalize your magazine or your catalogue through the Cover with Punch, a special processing that includes a pre-engraving and allows you to insert stickers on the cover, ready to be detached singularly

Flaps and folds

With CataPrint you can personalize your covers any way you'd like. Give value to your company, your communication and your products through the personalization of your printed matter. Your value is our value: That's why we work assiduously to always offer you an efficient and classy solution.

Thanks to our machines and to the experience of our masters of printing, we are able to provide further variations for the covers, by highlighting further elements through the flaps folding. So you can find among our processings the following characteristic flaps, printable on the front and on the back of the cover, inwards-folded, Z-folded , window-folded or cutted flush with the cover.



Cutting flush with the cover



Regarding the text, we have chosen some processings which can be firstly useful, suitable for every need and respond to the main demands of our customers. We are professionals in printing perfect bound or saddle stitched catalogues and magazines.

Here are the special features that we can include in your catalogue:

Saddle stitiching

- Single pre-stitched inserts or punched inserts on adhesive paper
- Glued detachable inserts on the first page of a signature

Perfect binding

 - Folded or stitched inserts, glued backwards
 - Glued detachable inserts on the first page of a signature
 - Binding with polyurethane glue (PUR)