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The N. 1 in professional printing for companies

Leader in the professional press of catalogs, magazines and house organ, specialists of the sector for more than 30 years, without any intermediary and fervid supporters of environmental protection!

CataPrint - Il partner ideale per raccontare la tua azienda

Quality and fair price for professional printing of catalogs, magazines, House Organs and newspapers.

Created from over thirty years of experience in the corporate printing sector, CataPrint specializes in printing catalogs and business magazines, aims to help companies communicate better with a competitive and sustainable offer thanks to a client-oriented approach.

Our company philosophy to our clients and customers:

  • Excellent quality at the lowest price in Europe.
  • Customer care ready to answer all questions via chat, phone or email.
  • Safety and reliability.

Technology, innovation and sustainability with CataPrint

To guarantee you the best quality at the lowest price, CataPrint has invested in innovation and research.

We use offset printing machines, non-digital, highly flexible and aimed at reducing printing times, which ensures us the possibility of satisfying different requests while maintaining the desired quality standards that the customer expects. Moreover, the absence of intermediaries allows us to propose an offer at competitive costs without sacrificing high quality.

CataPrint is sustainability! Thanks to the agreement with Treedom, for each product sold we will buy a tree thus creating our company forest. The protection of green areas is one of our values because we know how important it is to defend the environment in which we live. And the trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen and promote biodiversity. We are for sustainable development, we pursue our goals in a green way!

To find out more about CataPrint download our presentation!

Our values


Quality at the right price.
It is the most important value of our commercial proposal.


Fast and smart platform.

Simplicity of use and technical support for the configuration of catalogs.

Client Oriented

We think about customer needs.

We are the only ones in Italy that offer the possibility to pay for 90 days.


Environmental sustainability

For every sold product we plant a tree.

Our printing machines

Rotary offset

Our main machine, a 32-page offset press, is fully automated.

It allows to succeed in achieving a high productivity combined with a drastic reduction in production times.
The quality of the print is optimal and, combined with the reliability of the final yield make it one of the main strengths of our company.

Rotativa offset
Stampa offset fino a 6 colori

Offset printing up to 6 colors

Six-color offset printing combines high flexibility with efficient productivity. Although most of the prints are in four colors, this particular type of machine allows us to add two more pantone colors.
Printing with this machine is recommended up to 400g as its final yield, in terms of quality, is truly exceptional. It is also composed of an addition unit to allow special Flexo painting.

Print Offset H-UV 8 colors

Its innovative H-UV fast drying system allows you to use it for eight colors.

It has the power to make the brilliance of the chosen colors to the special colors that can be applied additionally, of course, to the special H-UV paint for which the machine in particular stands out.

Stampa Offset H-UV 8 colori
Stampa in formato tabloid

Print a real newspaper in tabloid format

The incredible power of this machine allows you to print up to 96 full color pages immediately.

Used in printing on 45gr paper, can print from eight to ninety-six pages, reaching up to 60,000 copies per hour .

The main peculiarity of the machine is surely to be able to make any printed paper a true daily, of dimensions 31,5x44cm and a printing area of ​​27x40cm.