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Newspaper print

We print in color from 8 pages up to 96 and up to 10,000 copies with great performance and shipping within 48h!

Print newspaper or house organ

Revolutionize your company catalog thanks to the house organ with newspaper print.

With CataPrint you will have the guarantee of a professional press at competitive costs. Present your company house organ with the new newspaper format printing: a completely original way to surprise your customers by presenting them with a real newspaper printed on a press. Communicate all the relevant company information on a highly practical support printed with authentic 45gr newspaper and with the same format of a true 31.5x44 cm newspaper made of texts and images where you can set  emotions, comments and memories.


You can make your company known, promote your upcoming events and allow your customers to keep up with new proposals. An innovative house organ that has a dual function:  involving interiors and stunning exteriors, making them feel like an integral part of the company, through a classic but at the same time in an original way.

Make known or present your products in a way that is as original as it is classic!

Print an house organ on newspaper paper, the daily newspaper customized for your company, totally in color or in black and white, ready to be shown at an important event or to your new customers. A unique and original way that tells a particular moment of your business.


We print real newspapers in color, starting from a minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 96. You can print up to 10,000 copies while maintaining the same quality, using the same print mode as a national newspaper. We also send copies all over Europe directly to the address indicated, within 48h!

Download here the guide prepared by our experts and find out how to properly implement your new house organ.


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