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Our printing products

We are the European platform specialized in professional offset printing of catalogs, magazines and house organ newspaper.

The saddle stitching is the right solution for elegant  catalogs and magazines.

Saddle stitching digital printing, ideal for short runs and a few pages.

For more resistant and thick catalogs and magazines, with a high number of pages.

News! Product catalog or company house organ, printed as a newspaper.

Printing flyers can help you present your business better.

Brochures can be an excellent support for promoting fairs and events.

Perfect to make the brand and your products immediately recognizable.

A creative communication to always keep under your customers' eyes.


A production which goes all round in the packaging and paper industry sector, with the utmost care for a high quality product

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A production which goes all round in the packaging and paper industry sector, with the utmost care for a high quality product

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Why print with CataPrint?

Catalogs and business newspaper are printed using offset printing in standard formats such as A4 and A5 printing and can be bound with a saddle stitching for up to 92 pages (including the cover), or printed using perfect binding from 68 pages. We also print the newspaper format with authentic 45gr newspaper paper from 8 up to 96 pages in color, like a real newspaper and small formats such as flyer and brochuresticky labels and paper tablecloths.

Perfect binding catalogs printingAll our catalogs are characterized by a high degree of customization, in fact they are differentiated by the type of binding (printing with saddle stitching or prfect binding), for the thickness of the paper (weight of the cover paper) for the printing ( quantity of copies to be printed), and for the format so as to adapt perfectly to the different needs of each individual company.

Flyer are our strong point just like the folds that differ in number of folds and modalities (accordion or wallet). In addition, the wide range of small format prints includes the possibility of printing sticky labels and paper tablecloths.

You can create a magazine, flyer and borchure to present your company and enhance your brand. It represents the company's company profile at its best through small-format printouts or printing of high-circulation magazines at a low price while always respecting the best quality standards.

Depending on the chosen run, it is possible to vary the typePrint flyer of print, always preserving the same quality standards that distinguish us. Our offer allows a wide choice both in terms of catalogs and magazines (bound with perfect binding or saddle stitching), and in fact of brochures, flyers, sticky labels and food placemats, for a perfect company kit!

With our service you can print online already from short runs so as to present your company or your new products in a professional and original way, with prints of excellent quality at truly competitive prices.

The quality of the images printed on our company magazines gives greater prominence to the products and services that you will present to your interlocutors.
We are naturally at your disposal to evaluate the best solution for your next company catalogs, to choose together the most suitable format and binding: contact us or call us directly on 02 808 897 46.For info on delivery times, you can view our FAQs.