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Print paper tablecloths

Print paper tablecloths

Print low-cost paper tablecloths 

Paper tablecloths 30x42 cm
 can be used in restaurants to immediately advertise their brand or bar / restaurant. Put your creativity to work, combine it with the promotional message you want to send and enjoy the show to see your communication directly in the hands of your customers.

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Complete description

Placecloths 30x42 cm.

At CataPrint, we are not only able to offer competitive prices, keeping the quality and final print quality very high, but we can provide our customers with all our training and our knowledge in the sector as well as adequate assistance also in terms of buying guide.

The quality of the printing performance of placemats advertising placards is as always unquestioned, price competitiveness also. We want to offer our customers more. Allow them to contact our experts and combine everyone's needs in relation to the starting budget.

Our innovative printing systems allow us to meet the needs of customers, counteracting the costs deriving from mechanical systems, especially on large-scale prints: it's the magic of offset printing! What we aim to do is to proceed in a direct and parallel way, we want to be able to offer our customers the best solution and make it available to those who, surfing the net, access our platform.

Meeting the needs of those who choose CataPrint is our goal, helping companies to optimize their communication is part of our mission. With this in mind and for all these valid reasons, we decided to expand our offer, thus allowing the final customer to access new products and to rely completely on our experience also in the printing of placemats for catering.

Enter the number of copies, choose whether to print two-sided or single-sided, the recommended paper used is 90gr.

NOTE : the printing materials and inks used are not for food use