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Guide to print format

This guide is very useful because it explains how to correctly create the desired catalog format, it is a reference for the right preparation of the print file. Starting from the selection of the desired format, it is explained how to properly layout your magazine. Below you can find a list of items necessary for the successful completion of the final file.

We remind you that this catalog guide is valid only for products that can be purchased on CataPrint.com.

For any other information on the graphic preparation of the files, for technical questions or specialized support, please contact our Customer Support through the form on our contact page or simply by writing an email with the required specifications to the following address: info@ cataprint.com


Here's what to check to send us a correct print file:

Abbondanza del file di stampa
  • RICHNESS/ABUNDANCE  is a margin to add to each side of the file to be printed. Check that there are 5 mm of abundance. They could help the cutting crosses.

  • HIGH RESOLUTION PDF the print file must be unique for the whole project and in high resolution. For example, a 32-page catalog file contains only one pdf with 32 single and non-parallel pages. The optimal image resolution is 300dpi.Download the file upload guide.

colore cmyk
  • CMYK COLOR is a color code model also called four-color process which is based on 4 basic colors: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K). The text is important that the color is in CMYK four-color process with 100% Black

To allow you to send us a complete file with all the required features we thought to facilitate the task of each customer by adding additional guides, divided by microareas of printing where, by downloading the desired format, with dimensions in 1: 1 scale is possible to have a concrete idea of ​​the support that needs to be sent.

In fact, the file is ready to be used. It is available in for the different types (large, pocket, special and newspaper formats) it is applicable both for the catalogs with Saddle Stiching and for those with Perfect Binding and, moreover,  for the house organ format printed on newspaper paper. All you have to do is simply replace the content of the test layouts with the one you want.

To get more security about the yield of your print file, we offer you a blueprint proof.

The blueprint aims to check if the setting of your file is the one you want and is included in the final price of the printing. In this way, the customer who will receive the blueprint can decide whether to proceed with printing or send new correct files.

Download the chosen format:

Formats Big sizes

  • 23x30

  • 21x29,7 (A4)

  • 20x27

Pocket formats

  • 14,5x23

  • 14,5x21 (A5)

  • 13,2x21

Special formats

  • 29,7x21

  • 17x23

  • 30x30

  • 21x30 (Minizine)

Newspaper formats

  • Newspaper paper


  • 21x29,7 (A4)

  • 14,8x21 (A5)

  • 10,5x14,8 (A6)


  • 21x29.7 (A4) with 2 doors

  • 21x29.7 (A4) with 3 accordion doors

  • 21x29.7 (A4) with 3 doors to portfolio

Sticky labels

  • 10X15

  • 5x7.5

Paper tablecloths

  • 30x42

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