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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

How to create the print file and which format to use

It is possible to create the print file with any program that allows saving the file in PDF format. We also accept the following formats: EPS, PS, AI, TIFF

How to upload the Print File

The Print File can be sent at the end of the process of configuration and completion of the order of catalogs, otherwise it can also be uploaded at a later time to the order, by logging in from your user account in the 'Uploaded Files' section. Click HERE to get the guide

What is a House Organ

A House Organ is a strategic communication tool for every company: to create and disseminate a shared corporate identity culture, which is designed for its employees or to make outside the development of its business on the market.
To get a complete guide on how to properly implement a House Organ, click HERE


For letterpress printing, the files are converted into CMYK (four-color process) with texts in black only (black 100%). Then prepare the file for four-color printing so as not to run the risk of having colors not exactly the same as those displayed on the screen.

Maximum file size

Our platform accepts print file uploads with a maximum size of 1 GB. The correct file format can be found on the product page of each format or by entering Preparation Files. If the print file exceeds 1 GB contact CataPrint support to arrange a different transfer.

Abundance and Margins

All files for printing need a margin of abundance (or security) that exceeds the print format and will be deleted in the trim. We recommend inserting the imported elements as texts and objects within the safety margin of about 5mm inside the cutting line.

Before sending the file for printing, check that you are within the required limits and that you have added the correct abundances, at least 3 mm per side. See our format guide .

Blueprint test

In order to be totally sure about the yield of your print file, we offer a blueprint test.

The blueprint test aims to check if the setting of your file is the one you want and is included in the final price of printing. In this way, the customer who will receive the blueprint test can decide whether to proceed with printing or edit current files. The test can be repeated only twice.

See also our format guide.

Edit file

When we receive the print file, we perform a basic check in order to revise that the content of each page is correctly positioned within the printing limits. For any changes you will have 4 hours to send us the file again and the final "visa print". We recommend that you always contact our assistance to receive more support. With CataPrint is also provided for the manual control of the file made by one of our technicians who will alert you in case of defects found, just select the item in the online configurator.

Resolution and formats

Before sending your file, make sure you have inserted the images with a resolution of at least 150dpi. The optimal resolution is 300 dpi. Files with resolutions that are too low will be discarded during the basic verification phase and a notification will be sent to correct the problem, thus replacing the file.

Printing times

The print file will be forwarded simultaneously with the order. Once we receive the file, we will perform a basic verification and send an email notification of the receipt of the order, the file and the correctness of the file. Before printing, 4 hours are scheduled to allow the customer to make further changes. These changes will be managed by contacting our assistance. After 4 working hours from the sending of the order, the file is considered definitely ready to go to print, from that moment on, the customer can follow the progress status directly from his account on the site cataprint.com

How to order

Select the desired catalog format from the configurator, the no. of pages, the grammage of the cover and possibly the special processing and select each time with a click the product feature to quickly realize the online quote without any commitment. To complete the order, simply register for free and send the order.


For the shipping of the catalogs we rely on the BRT and DHL couriers, two of the most reliable express couriers in Europe. The shipment in Italy takes place in 24h and in Europe in 48h. Where not specified the shipment is included in the price. Find out more.

Sale conditions

To find out more about the Cataprint sales conditions visit the dedicated page

90-day and 180-day payment

CataPrint has confidence in your business and finances your business printing. Buy now and pay for 90 days WITHOUT INTERESTS for orders over € 100. In addition, for payments over € 4,000 you can request payment for 180 days. In any case, you will receive feedback on the possibility of this payment method within 24h. It is necessary to have VAT. For more information view the payment methods.

If we have missed something and you want to receive further information contact an expert of our assistance.