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CataPrint, the commitment to sustainability

Who sows, collects. That's why we decided to achieve our goals in a green way.
In collaboration with Treedom we have created a our company forest, planting trees in the name of CataPrint, one for each order received. Each tree selected will then be planted in a specific place by a local farmer and will then be photographed throughout its growth process. We will follow all our trees constantly, adding them our logo and dedicating them to those who, together with us, wanted to take part in this green economy initiative by choosing CataPrint for its prints.
It will also be possible to give away the trees planted in our forest. We will deliver to our customers, via email or through social networks, our trees or some very useful and particular eco gadgets. It will be possible to receive constant updates of the trees planted in the forest through our communications.
CataPrint, the commitment to sustainability
We strongly wanted CataPrint to stand out and show its commitment to the sustainability of the planet in which we live. Through our forest and the platform made available by Treedom, we will be able to quantify and offset CO2 emissions related to company activities. We are also committed to carrying out an in-depth analysis of the Carbon Footprint related to our products and services, meticulously following the ISO standards of reference.
The goal is to be able to calculate the environmental impact and compensate the CO2 through the population of a CataPrint forest!

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint coincides with the total greenhouse gas emissions that is produced directly or indirectly from a product or company. It represents, in fact, the impact in terms of global warming resulting from a LCA study ( Life Cycle Assessment ). The Carbon Footprint is also one of the environmental criteria that meets the requirements of the recent European directive: " Non-Financial Reporting Directive 2014/95 / EU . "

This legislation invites companies to submit a declaration with environmental information and performances: we at CataPrint have fully accepted this invitation!
With Treedom we accurately calculate the Carbon Footprint of our products and our company. A specialized engineer has the task of carrying out a scientific assessment of the environmental impact in compliance with the UNI ES ISO 14067, 14064 standards. All calculations of CO2 emissions are, in fact, certifiable and certifiable.
Analyze all the emissions and their environmental impact, our commitment will certainly be to populate our forest as much as possible, compensating in an imminent way the CO2 emissions.
Trees, which contribute to environmental benefits, will be planted by local farmers. Every single tree will be photographed, geo-localized and published online, thus representing the concrete commitment of CataPrint in wanting to ensure eco-sustainability!

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